Frech bulldog kennel Sen Vysočiny

about us

the breeder with her first female ( Agátha Roxana Sixty Six) The very first french bulldog - Agátha Roxana Sixty Six - came to our home in summer 2004 and her coming was unplanned! I have to admit, that when I saw her for the very first time I even wasn't sure if I want her . But she won our hearts and I have to say that bulldogs are unique in many ways. Little clowns with huge heart. In the beginning I intented to breed only tervuerens and that is why two first litters by Agata were registered in kennel, where she was born.
After a short period of time I started to think about have another bulldog to accompany Agatha. Destiny took the reins and suddenly we had another three grown up bulldogs! Patched boy imported from France and two brindled girls...
In the end of summer 2009 I got next female - Ysell Noir Pomáda. We took a part at few shows with Izi, as we call her, where she did quite well in at that time huge competition in female classes. She successfully passed breeding tests and at the moment we expect the very first litter by her. As I know myself very well, it will not take long time until Izi will not be the youngest member of our bulldog pack .

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